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 How Much Is My Home Worth ?  
First let me explain how we as real estate agents come up with the price of your home, keep in mind there is no magic number we can only give you a range, and that decide where your home belongs based on the competition and current sales.  We begin by pulling the comparable homes in your area with similar characteristics and than we will add and deduct from them as needed.  You must keep in mind that the comparable homes will be the same style as your home, only if there are no homes in the area will the bank allows us to use a different style.  When we need to use a different style of home they will require that we call the local towns to make sure it has similar square footage.  

How Much Should I Pay My Broker ?  
There is no one size fits all when it comes to what you should pay for your home to be listed.  The correct question for a seller to ask is, what will my broker need to do to sell me home for the best possible price.  Full Service Broker will do much more for you than a Discount Brokerage or a Listing Service can do.  Interview more than one Realtor, decide which one of them is going to be able to sell your home not by what their commission is but by what services they offer.  

How Long Should I List My Home For ?  
The best way to decide how long you should list your home for is not by the shortest or the longest time the agent is willing to work for.  Instead when they are reviewing the comparable homes in your area you will want to see how each of those listings took to sell, more specifically how long is it taking for them to go to contract.  If homes in your area are taking 6 months to go to contract you will want to allow your agent to list it for that as a minimum.   

Should I Make Repairs To My Home Before Putting It Onto The Market ?  
The most important repair you will want to take care of are things that are structural to the home, or things that are core parts of the house.  An example of some of the core parts of a home you would want to get repaired would be the heating system, electrical system, or plumbing.  This does not mean put in a brand new heating system because your current one is on the older-side, but if you have an oil tank that is leaking that you will want to have repaired. When you do repairs to these things you will want to have a professional come in and write up detailed information for you and provide you with proof that the repair was done.  

Each home will require different preparations to be put onto the market, when you meet with potential Realtors ask their opinion about what they would recommend you doing.  Some homes can benefit with quick fixes like painting touch-ups, or a bit of simple staging.