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Nick Schiano Of All Island Mortgage Said:

Working with Kristin Schuster is like working with family. You won't get more personal service anywhere. In addition to her service her overall knowledge of the home buying process is a major asset in making sure the deal goes smoothly from start to finish !

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Kristin Schuster is just a remarkable agent. She came to me highly recommended by a neighbor who's house she listed and sold. The house I listed was in special circumstances, in a trust for an elderly aunt's care, and I just had to sell it as soon as possible. Kristin researched the area, came up with a reasonable sales price and had a buyer in two days time! Closing took place in less than 40 days, unheard of in this area. She and her crew even helped me dispose of unwanted furniture that remained. If you want a real estate agent who does it all, call Kristin Schuster. I can give her no higher recommendation!

Karen Loduca Said:

Kristin was a joy to work with. I was tasked with having to move across the country for career advancement and had a small window of time to move. From my first meeting with Kristin I knew she was the right one to help and hire. She felt my pain and emotional anguish over selling my home of 26 years , moving away from my friends & family and having to meet a deadline to boot. She is absolutely my kind of woman- a mover and shaker. She dug her heals in put together a great plan. My house was sold within a week. She helped me in more ways than imaginable. I will hold a special place in my heart to Kristin as one of those memorable people that left a lasting amazing impact on my life. Thank you for your astonishing great service and new formed friendship!  ​

All the best,  Christina

Christina Lang Said:

Tina Taranto Said:

Kristin came highly recommended and we were delighted with her professionalism. She handles every aspect of the process, which is essential. She knows what to do to get the job done and sold our house in record time. She's high octane.

Hank Wilson Said:

Kristin is a true expert in the field of real estate. She is willing to share her knowledge with others and is one of the people that makes the real estate community better. When looking for a Realtor with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, be sure to give her a call.

Megan & Vinny Gerstal Said:

Kristin Schuster is a very reliable, trustworthy and amazing real estate agent. Whether you are looking to sell or buy Kristin gives you her all and will do whatever it takes to help you purchase a new home or help you sell your existing home. Kristin was always sending us properties to look at at and was with us every weekend until we found our first home. Kristin was always available when we had a question and never made us feel bad for asking a million questions. I highly recommend Kristin for all of your real estate needs.

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